The Debut

Rolling Papers hit shelves on March 29th. The album artwork fit with Wiz’s marijuana-laced lyrics but it lacked the creativity of his Kush & Orange Juice cover. After the online reality show, magazine covers, and a Billboard chart topping single, critics anticipated Wiz may easily sell a million copies in the first week. But what happened?
The praised producers were barely involved with the new album. I.D Labs, Stargate, Brandon Carrier, etc. replaced  the highly acclaimed producers from Kush & Orange Juice. The televised singles, giving the public a teaser for what is to come, were all exclusively produced by Stargate. The singles may have appealed to mainstream America but were the songs strong enough to draw people into stores to buy the record? Not so much. Rolling Papers sold 191,777 in its first week, far from its anticipated numbers. So why did Atlantic decide to put aside Wiz’s producers and utilize Stargate to build suspense for the album?
Rolling Papers Tracklisting
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. “When I’m Gone” Cameron Jibril Thomaz, Eric Dan I.D. Labs 4:08
2. On My Level” (featuring Too $hort) Thomaz, Todd Anthony ShawJames Scheffer Jim Jonsin 4:32
3. Black and Yellow Thomaz, Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen StarGate 3:37
4. Roll Up Nicole Longmire, Dylan Proctor, Brandon Brantley, Whitney Briggs StarGate 3:47
5. “Hopes & Dreams” Thomaz, Brandon Carrier Brandon Carrier 3:58
6. “Wake Up” Thomaz, Eriksen, Hermansen StarGate 3:46
7. The Race Thomaz, Dan I.D. Labs 5:35
8. “Star of the Show” (featuring Chevy Woods) Thomaz, Dan I.D. Labs 4:46
9. No Sleep Thomaz, Benjamin Levin Benny BlancoNoel “Detail” Fisher 3:11
10. “Get Your Shit” Thomaz, Dan I.D. Labs 4:36
11. “Top Floor” Thomaz, Andrew Wansel, Warren Felder Andrew “Pop” Wansel, Warren “Oak” Felder 3:42
12. “Fly Solo” Thomaz, Dan I.D. Labs 3:20
13. “Rooftops” (featuring Curren$y) Thomaz, Shante FranklinBrandon Green Bei MaejorClinton Sparks (co.) 4:20
14. “Cameras” Thomaz, Dan I.D. Labs 4:29
[hide]iTunes bonus track
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
15. “Taylor Gang” (featuring Chevy Woods) Thomaz, Lexus Arnel Lewis Lex Luger 5:35
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