The Wiz and Atlantic promotional strategies commenced. Wiz’s online Youtube-hosted show titled “DayToday” continued its broadcast but with higher quality cameras and better executed editing (presumably financed by Atlantic). Fans are able to view the whole crew’s marijuana-induced shenanigans with cameo appearances from Amber Rose,Waka Flocka Flame, and Drake.


Four music videos were filmed to promote the new album, but only three of the videos graced the television sets of American homes. “Black and Yellow”, ‘Black and Yellow (G-Mix)”, “Roll Up”, and “On My Level” were the closely chosen songs to receive visual assistance.”Black and Yellow” reached the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 list to later give birth to dozens of remixes. “On My Level” was the only video not televised, and it should not surprise you that the song sounds very different from the other three. “On My Level” is a slow and relaxed track with an eery melody that seems to drag along with the song. The trio of televised music videos had faster tempos and the pop-energy commonly found in cliche pop hits. “On My Level” was also produced by Jim Jonsin, while the rest of the songs were produced by Stargate.

Black And Yellow

Black And Yellow (G-Mix)

Roll Up


On My Level

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